“For me, when everything goes wrong – that’s when adventure starts.”

– Yvon Chouinard

The Terragena Vineyard team, headed by winemaker and vineyard proprietor Chris Buchanan, crafts limited production wines with the same spirit of adventure that first led us to build our off-grid vineyard in Humboldt County.  We are inspired by the ruggedly beautiful hills, forests, and meadows around us to create wine that expresses these characteristics of the land without any added fluff or distraction.   Terragena is a latin word meaning “born of the earth.”  We are dedicated to sustainably expressing the unique characteristics of our estate vineyard as well as our diverse partner vineyards by nurturing the wine from the earth to the bottle.

2016 releases logs square full

This work has taught us to adapt to the land rather than to attempt to adapt the land to our ideas of what it should be.  We use sustainable and natural methods, monitoring our grapevines closely while extensively farming by hand. At our estate vineyard we use constant cover cropping and compost amendment to enrich the earth. We collect rain water during the winter for irrigation of our vineyard in the summer. We believe that not only are these practices better for the earth and our environment, but that a healthier vineyard produces more complex and interesting wines.