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If you’ve gotten your hands on a bottle of Terragena wine, you may have noticed that we number each bottle by hand on the back label. But, you’ll never receive a bottle with a number less than 43. Not unless we like you a whole lot.

Our wines are handmade in small batches, many with less than a thousand bottles produced. So one day (over a glass of wine), I decided that I was going to hand number each bottle. I feel that the numbering highlights the limited amount of our wine that is available, making each bottle unique. No one else is ever going to get bottle 363 of our Father and Son Blend! That’s all you.

Not only are the wines handmade and hand-numbered, but they are also labeled individually – by me. We have a pretty great labeler that makes sure our labels aren’t crooked, but it requires that I feed it each bottle, one bottle at a time. So, the labeler and I have become good buds as I hang out in the winery labeling all of our newly released wines. See the video below for how it works.


When the labeler first showed up, Chris and I spent an evening figuring out how to use it. Our friends John and Erin were visiting us at the time, so they were there when I had the realization that we could select certain bottle numbers to keep in our private reserve.

“Which bottles should we keep? What should be the first released bottle?” I asked to the room.

Erin, who had probably only half heard what I was talking about, replied “42,” which is of course a good answer to most questions, especially those for which you haven’t completely heard the context.

“No, I want bottle 42! I’m keeping it!” I said, ridiculous Hitchhiker fan that I am.

And that’s how we decided to reserve the first 42 bottles of each of our wines. If you ever get a bottle numbered less than 43, know that we love you and we’ve dipped into our private reserve to share with you.

So, to review, how many bottles of each wine do we keep for our private reserve?*




* Probably not the question.