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Terragena Nebbiolo at Lost Coast

Nebbiolo Grapes at Lost Coast Vineyard

We thought we were done with grape harvest for the year.  We had made it through the long days, equipment failures, and other adventures that popped up at our off-grid winery, and we were ready to cozy up with some warm beverages in front of the fire.

It was totally unexpected when our friends at Lost Coast Vineyard offered us the opportunity to harvest some beautiful nebbiolo grapes.  Talk about an offer we couldn’t refuse…

Of course, we said yes. Terragena winemaker (and vineyard proprietor, handyman, truckdriver, etc) Chris drove out to Hoopa, California to pick up the grapes as they were hand-harvested from the Dragon Block of the vineyard.  He had a blast with the Lost Coast folks, who make harvest into a family project.  The video below shows the grapes being hauled out of the grapevine rows after being picked by hand.

We are beyond excited to be making wine from Humboldt County grapes this year.  The Lost Coast Vineyard in particular is beautiful, and ideally situated for growing a varietal like Nebbiolo, which enjoys a “continental” climate – a warmer climate than preferred by pinot noir grapes though still cooler than some grape varietals require.

Lost Coast Vineyard Dog

A vineyard dog observes the harvest process at Lost Coast Vineyard

Chris drove the grapes back to our winery, less than a three hour drive from Lost Coast Vineyard.  The wine was made at our off-grid Humboldt County estate winery, and we have been enjoying its transformation through the fermentation process.

Terragena Nebbiolo at Winery

Nebbiolo is a varietal that is best known as being the primary (or only) grape included in the famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines from Italy.  It is known for having a floral smell and high tannin content, and it is typically aged longer than some other varietals.

“Nebbiolo is a thinking person’s wine: subtle yet bold, simple yet complex…”

Wine Folly

Terragena Lost Coast Vineyard Nebbiolo Stats:
  • Local Humboldt County grown grapes
  • Grapevines planted in 1993
  • 1 ton of grapes harvested for Terragena
  • wine made at Terragena estate winery in Humboldt County, CA
  • fermented and aged in neutral and previously-used oak barrels (for subtle oak character)
  • approximately 50 cases of wine will be produced
  • wine release date: fall 2018

Terragena Nebbiolo Grapes 2