You can get lost in the search for eco-aware wines of care and intention, but with so much marketing noise and green-washing, how can you tell? Terragena was built from the ground up with a focus on sustainable design and has been making wine by hand blending science and art for years. You can trust we will continue to provide you with wines of unparalleled quality, selected specifically for you by the winemaker, and empowering you to explore the spirit of independence that makes Humboldt made craft wines so unique.

While we make exceptional wines of quality and intention, our real purpose is to understand and appreciate the beauty of each place that gives us the unique wines. While we may be just a small winery on a mountain, we really do believe a better world is possible. One where love, understanding, beauty, art, and scientific pursuit are combined into a better society. We believe that producing a wine that not only says these values, but embodies them every step of the way, we are doing our part to make this dream a reality. If you believe that a better way to support small sustainable farmers is possible, please join us as a member. Consider it a donation to the universe and infinite love, agape. Plus you get spectacular wine as a side effect, what isn’t to love?

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