photo credit: (photo not taken at Terragena Vineyard)

Terragena’s remote location ┬áin the rugged lands of Humboldt county hosts a variety creatures. While most of them are relatively harmless we do have a few neighbors that it’s wise to steer clear of, and as the seasons change we find ourselves ever adapting to making Terragena a safe and peaceful place for all to live.

Now that winter is setting in with frost sweeping the mountain we’ve found an unusual increase in our stealthy neighbors, the Mountain Lions. Vineyard dog Akira has been on high alert, nervously reacting to something that has been prowling closer to the clearing where we live. The cold has driven much of the small prey to be less active, and the rains have kept us from being outdoors and clamoring around as often. We have become familiar with our shy neighbors through a series of encounters, and while none we would consider close, we’ve had to make some changes to keep everyone safe.

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