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...This 2017 Elk Prairie Vineyard Pinot Noir by Terragena Vineyards is a spectacularly authentic and terroir-driven red from one of Humboldt County's best known vineyards. The Elk Prairie Vineyard is an influential and pioneering site in one of California's last great wine frontiers. Planted in 1992 on 10 acres of Pinot Noir, this dry farmed vineyard sits just up the hill from the famed Avenue of Giants in Humboldt County. This bottling, crafted by neighboring Terragena Vineyards using Elk Prairie fruit, beautifully expresses the world class terroir of this out-of-the-way locale. The fruit profile here is wonderfully fresh, lean, and springy, leaning more towards what one might expect from Burgundy over most of California. Beautiful forest tones are present throughout the aromatic and lifted nose balanced by earth and persistent salinity. While still largely untapped and undeveloped as a winegrowing region Humboldt County has shown amazing potential for high quality viticulture, and producers like Terragena are doing an excellent job of championing its cause.

At Terragena we’ve proven that working with small vineyards who have an investment in the land and sustainable practices creates some of the most complex and enjoyable wines.  This harbors a deeper connection to place between both the consumer and the producer. I also believe that by supporting a real person as opposed to a corporate wine industry you’re going to be rewarded with the ability to support a network of family owned businesses, as well as receiving wine that tantalizes the tastes.

I’ve done the math, and wines produced in bulk or with cheaper grapes wind up comparable to ours in price, lacking in quality, and you find most of your investment went towards marketing. It just makes sense that grapes and wine being produced en masse receive less attention to detail, less connection to the producer and the vineyard, and ultimately lower quality.

I believe in a world where we dare to dream, to create art, and to represent those who care for the land in the most authentic and intentional way I can.  I strive to create a network of consumers who dare to drink the wine that everyone doesn’t have, and share it while creating the moments that matter most.  Care to dream with us? 



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